“Oh my Greece” the new campaign-view movie of the summer (Video)

The Medieval Town.

“Oh my Greece”: the new campaign-view movie of the summer (Video)

“Do you remember that song you first heard when you were in Greece? Imagine it as a soundtrack to all these buzzing memories like the waves on the beaches of the Aegean. The food, the mood, the people, the incredible beauty… All those moments that you thought “Oh my Greece”! Wouldn’t you like to relive all this for a while? “, all these feelings are unlocked by the new short film about the tourist promotion of our country.

Watch the video here:


The short film entitled “Oh My Greece, Unlock the feeling” is a creation of Marketing Greece with the aim of promoting Greece abroad for tourist purposes.

The new campaign went viral in less than 48 hours, surpassing 600,000 views and over 8,500 notifications. As the CEO of Marketing Greece, Ioanna Dretta, pointed out to APE-MPE, this campaign travels abroad, with the support of EOT and the networks it has in foreign markets.

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